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A model of ecological kitchens

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A model of ecological kitchens

The Miinus kitchen has been built ecologically and adheres to a philosophy of 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Based on indoor air measurements and carbon footprint calculations, we identified at an early stage, materials required to reduce a kitchen’s environmental impact. We redesigned our kitchens, made them lighter and more ecological to transport.

The materials chosen for our Miinus range, together with non-toxic manufacturing methods, ensure a pure, safe kitchen for day-to-day living. The Miinus kitchen emits less than half the limit values specified for M1, the top indoor air rating. All Miinus kitchen materials are re-usable and recyclable.

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Puustelli Miinus Natural Steps

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Miinus is all plus

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The Miinus carcase’s water-resistant gables are manufactured from a biocomposite material composed of polypropylene and natural fibre. Pre-drilled holes in the sturdy frame facilitate assembly and disassembly.

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The use of conventional furniture boards has been completely eradicated in the Puustelli Miinus kitchen and we’ve replaced them with stronger, lighter, low-emission materials. Adhesives used in their manufacture of a Miinus kitchen are formaldehyde free and all surface treatment substances are water-dilutable and environmentally friendly. The innovative side frame manufactured from the biocomposite for the carcases has replaced the MDF and chipboards traditionally used for carcase materials.

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Artificial surface materials whose manufacture and disposal exert negative pressure on the environment are not used in Puustelli Miinus kitchens.

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The side frame of the Puustelli Miinus kitchen has pre-drilled holes for fixing to walls and for each mechanism. The fittings can be disassembled and reassembled without the material wearing.

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New-generation drawers are used in Puustelli Miinus kitchens. They are spacious and silent and include new technical solutions. The drawer mechanisms are fully recyclable and the material is reusable. The drawer bottom panels are made of durable and environmentally-friendly building board manufactured from cross-glued wood chips without generating formaldehyde.

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The smartly designed felt-lined trays are examples of innovative kitchen fittings. The lightweight, silent trays that are simple to move from one drawer to another are easy to keep clean. Cutlery, spice containers and other kitchen articles kept in the drawer each have their own place.

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All doors and end panels in the Puustelli Miinus kitchen are made of recyclable materials. Wood products come from certified forests and manufacturing practices, including surface treatment substances and adhesives, are in line with Miinus values.

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Finnish birch and pine have been used in the Puustelli Miinus kitchen’s wooden worktops, which are oiled, stained or varnished with environmentally-friendly surface treatment substances. The durable ceramic worktops provide a splash of colour in the kitchen. The material is almost scratchproof and resistant to both water and high temperatures. Ceramic panels are also suitable as material for intermediate spaces and shelves.

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Waste sorting

The aim of the Puustelli Miinus kitchen is to support the ecological kitchen’s day-to-day life. Versatile recycling requires efficient space planning. The flexible dimensions enable the right size of recycling fixtures for every kitchen.

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The Puustelli Miinus kitchen aims at solutions that make everyday life easier. This is why the Puustelli Miinus kitchen is always installed for you. Quickly, and exactly where it is needed.

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The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is timeless and easy to maintain. The almost scratch-proof ceramic surfaces withstand even the most intense use. The biocomposite frame is resistant to water and the wooden worktops can be oiled and maintained to ensure a long life. Any minor scratches that may appear on the doors over the course of time can be covered with water-dilutable surface treatment substances.

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The Miinus kitchen’s light fixtures are LED lights whose long service life and energy efficiency are examples of the kitchen’s ecological details.

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The Miinus kitchen is equipped with class AAA appliances, where quality and energy efficiency has been maximised and the environmental impact minimised.

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Miinus is a kitchen of principle

Miinus isn’t just a kitchen, it’s an ethos that is apparent throughout our company, from those who produce the range right through to those who install it. Our ambition was to create as ecological, sustainable kitchen as possible throughout its entire lifecycle.

The provenance of all eco components utilised in the Miinus range components provides buyers with an unprecedented transparency of their origins. 

Additional values for the materials we source are sustainability and manufacturing methods. It goes without saying that the materials we use must be safe to handle and process in the factory. 

Our non-toxic production processes and manufacturing methods ultimately ensure that the Miinus kitchen is also a safe choice for consumers. 

Environmental aspects are taken into account throughout every step of the process, from manufacture to transportation right through to the end of it’s lifecycle - remember, a Miinus kitchen is recyclable.

Reaching where we are at today took many years of testing, research and development, not to mention all the man-hours and prototypes that preceded the exciting range we are now selling across four countries.

The road to Miinus may have been long, at times even difficult, but it was a path worth seeing through to the end. The result - the Miinus kitchen, is an ecological, pioneering kitchen brand and the only one of its kind. The health of consumers was paramount and our kitchen emits less than half limit values required for a safe indoor air rating.


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Puustelli Miinus – THE ECO KITCHEN

Climate change and decreasing natural resources affect each and every one of us. Future generations also have the right to clean, fresh air and healthy, flourishing nature.

Eco values have always been at the heart of Puustelli’s entire business activities, not just in our products. The company has constantly been involved in numerous projects aimed at promoting an ecological approach and we act responsibly vis à vis our shared resource, the environment.

With our Puustelli Miinus kitchen, we’ve taken a big leap ahead on the track to a cleaner future. Through our actions, we want to show the entire furnishing industry real things that can be done. The only way to get results is to take the environment into account throughout the lifecycle of a product. This requires not only long-term work, time and even money, but above all the determination to act for an important cause.

All the materials in the Puustelli Miinus kitchen have been tried and tested, and found to be sustainable and eco-friendly. In short, the carbon footprint calculations show the far-reaching impacts on nature and the environment of each product, throughout its lifecycle and including transport. The new, lighter structures of the Miinus kitchen alone   halved the carbon footprint originating in transport.

Indoor air measurements indicate the cleanness of the material, the end product and the manufacturing process. Together, these impact on indoor air quality.

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is our homage to nature and the environment.